The T282 or T282B is a large rear dump truck for use in the mining environment. They can haul from 360 to 400 tons per load. The trucks are available with dump box sizes to match the material density to the load capacity, i.e. bodies for hauling coal will be much larger than bodies for hauling iron ore. The body sizes range from 240 cubic yard to over 400 cubic yard. The trucks are 28 to 30 feet wide, 475 feet long and 28.5 feet tall. All of these dimensions can vary as a result of the different dump box designs. The trucks empty weight ranges from 465,000 pounds up to 510,000 pounds, depending upon the selected options.

The trucks are diesel-electric drives. They have an engine that drives a large traction alternator to generate electricity. Each rear wheel has an electric motor and a planetary gear box. The gear box is a fixed ratio. The truck does not shift gears as a normal truck or car does. The control system varies the amps and volts and frequency to the motors to control the torque and speed without the need to shift gears. As a result, the truck operation is much smoother than trucks using automatic transmissions. The Diesel Electric drive is basically an infinite ratio, (stepless) transmission.

The diesel engines are built by either Mtu/DDC or Cummins. They range in horsepower from 2700 to 3650 horsepower. The smallest has 16 cylinders and the largest has 20 cylinders. The engines run 1800 or 1900 RPM.

The truck uses six tires, either 55/80R63, 56/80R63 or 59/80R63. The tires are manufactured by Michelin, or Bridgestone. They are over 13 feet in diameter, 55 inches wide and weigh more than 10,000 pounds each, and cost in excess of $25,000.

For more detailed specifications, see the Liebherr web site.

A T282 at a mine in Chile in 2001. Note the person on the front ladder talking to a person on the ground to get an idea of the vehicle size.
John Bosh standing beside the first T282 in Baxter Springs, KS. 1997
Preparing a wheel and tire for installation on a Liebherr T282.
Preparing a gear set for installation onto a truck.