Francis Bartley

Floor Jack
A self-propelled floor jack for intermittently lifting substantially great loads and comprising base element means supported by propelling wheel means, lift means selectively engagable with the load, positive-lock pawl and ratchet means cooperating with the lift means for locking thereof in preselected elevated positions, bell crank and lever means operably connected with the lift means for determining the travel path therefor, and steering and control means operable for propelling and actuating the apparatus.
Dual Steering System for Vehicle
A dual steering system for vehicles, particularly for large and heavy off-highway vehicles, wherein a back-up steering system is provided for safety purposes. Dual hydraulic systems are provided and coordinated whereby in the event the primary steering system fails for any reason, the back-up steering system automatically assumes the entire steering operation, thus providing a safety feature for the vehicle.
Wheel Assembly
Several embodiments of a wheel assembly for use with large, off-highway vehicles, comprising a drive motor mounted on the wheel hub, and brake calipers cooperating with an annular brake disc supported by a disc carrier which is "outboard" or disposed radially outwardly of the brake calipers, for providing greater heat dissipation and greater braking forces upon the application of braking pressure. In one embodiment, the brake disc is secured to the carrier at its outer periphery by a plurality of circumferentially spaced bolts. In two other embodiments, the brake disc is mounted for limited relative movement with respect to the carrier to accommodate radial and circumferential thermal expansion and contraction in aggravated situations. In one of these other embodiments, the brake disc is retained against excessive circumferential movement relative to the carrier by a plurality of individual lugs affixed to the carrier. In the last embodiment, such movement is prevented by lugs formed integrally with a ring element secured to the carrier.
Off-Highway Vehicle
An off-highway dump vehicle of the bottom-dump, two axle type having a single wheel in all positions; an A-frame front suspension which provides large steering angles for the vehicle wheels; an A-frame rear suspension system separate from the front suspension system; a dual braking system comprising primary and secondary brakes actuated by a common brake pedal and arranged wherein the secondary brakes are automatically actuated upon failure of the primary brakes for any reason; the vehicle structural elements being pinned together for facilitating assembly and disassembly thereof for shipment of the vehicle to the site of operation thereof; the vehicle load in the rear is carried directly on torque tubes and the front load is cantilevered from the torque tubes; the vehicle deck is a "floating" type structure in that the only elements carried by the deck are the fluid lines for the braking system, steering system, and the like; the access door to the axle box is of a self-closing construction in that air pressure differential across the door urges the door toward a closed position and keeps it closed; the vehicle transmission is of the automatic type which includes a "park" position, and the vehicle is provided with a front engine and rear wheel drive.
Off-Highway Vehicle Body Support
A pair of A-frames and a pair of torque tubes are used in a body support structure of an off highway vehicle to carry all of the load of the vehicle. The vehicle load in the rear is carried directly on the torque tubes and the front load is cantilevered from the torque tubes.
Large Dump Truck Suspension
A suspension system for a large dump truck. The dump truck having a main frame with laterally spaced frame members each associated with a rear wheel mounting hub with a wheel on each of its sides. Each hub is attached to a respective frame member by an attachment member pivotally attached to the respective frame member by a pivotal mounting and a suspension spring pivotally attached to the hub by a spherical bearing and to the respective frame member at a pivot mounting. The connections of the hub allow for limited pivotal movement of the hub about transverse and longitudinal axes relative to the frame members. A dump body is pivotally attached to the frame members at the pivot mounting or to the rear and above a suspension pivotal connection at a body pivotal connection.

Fred Loeber

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