A Ford F150 beside the second T282, showing the size of the T282. 1997

Francis Bartley has more than thirty years of experience in the Mining Truck Industry. He has been involved in the design and production of some of the largest diesel electric dump trucks in the business, including the first 400 ton diesel electric rear dump truck.

Mr. Bartley's skills include:

  • The design of electrical, mechanical, structural, and hydraulic systems.
  • The design of equipment mountings for ease of installation, ease of serviceability, and the protection of vulnerable components.
  • The overall integration of complex systems.
  • Troubleshooting of problems in electrical, mechanical, structural, and hydraulic systems, and the development of suitable solutions for those problems.

Mr. Bartley is available for design work, equipment analysis and comparisons, in-field troubleshooting, and related services.

Mr. Loeber's areas of expertise:

  • Construction and mining equipment engineering
  • New product and conceptual development
  • Heavy steel fabrication, castings and forgings
  • Idea generation and problem solving
  • Technical review and analysis
  • Organizational issues in engineering
  • Expert witnessing

Brad Bartley (bbartley@alum.mit.edu) has done extensive design work in the computer industry.

Brad's experience spans:

  • microprocessor design, verification, and bring-up
  • system level evaluation and certification
  • low-level "at the metal" software
  • application level software

Brad is available for design/verification work, debug, and bring-up.