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Jan 2006-Sept 2007

Global Product Support Manager, Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. Newport News, Virginia



Responsible for preparing annual department budget which included expenses for service technicians, equipment, travel and required tooling.

Assisted in accident investigation involving Liebherr trucks when requested by engineering or mine personnel.   

Developed MARC contract models for various projects and proposed projects worldwide.

Worked closely with staff personnel at Liebherr France for component rebuild costs.

Provided training programs for service personnel including safety for field repairs.

Assisted factory departments in development of new and improved systems for new equipment.

Provided field data to sales personnel for development of proposed projects and MARC contracts.

Provided component field data to engineering for development of life cycle costing.

Made frequent site visits to all operations where Liebherr trucks were operating.


Jan 2003- Jan 2006

Regional Operations Manager, Liebherr Mining Chile Limitada



Responsible for fleet of 20 Liebherr T-282, 360/400 ton haul trucks operating at the Chuquicamata Mine located near Calama Chile.  Directly responsible for all activities associated with the  MARC contract with CODELCO.  Staff consisted of 64 employees for administrative work, safety,  parts inventory, warranty and all related maintenance activities including annual 

budget for Liebherr Mining Chile.

Establishment of branch facility and warehouse in Antofagasta Chile in 2004 to provide rebuilt components.


Jan 2000 –July 2003

Service Manager, Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. Newport News, Virginia



Responsible for directing after sales service activities in support of all Liebherr trucks operating outside of the US. Staff included warranty administrator, operator and maintenance trainer and eight field service representatives and electrical systems analyst.  Worked closely in the establishment of operations at the Chuquicamata Mine in Chile and other operations worldwide including So. Africa, Spain, Australia and Canada.


Assisted in several accident investigations in conjunction with Liebherr engineering department personnel.


Jan 1999-Jan 2000

Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. Newport News, Virginia



Work closely with service personnel at Liebherr France in component re-manufacturing of  items such as engines hydraulic cylinders, gearing  etc.  Responsible for rebuild process on truck components in the U.S.


Database development and calculation of repairs and maintenance contracts in various versions for trucks worldwide.


Jan 1975-Nov 1998

Martiki Coal Corporation, Inez Kentucky



Positions held:                                                                           

Maintenance Foreman , General Maintenance Foreman,

Maintenance Superintendent -1984 to Nov 1998,



Responsible for all maintenance activities to support operations of overburden stripping, haulage, coal haulage and related equipment.  This included welding, mechanical, and electrical maintenance on all major surface equipment.


Directly supervised 6 Maintenance Supervisors.  The mechanical maintenance on all mining equipment was performed by Martiki employees and also three maintenance contracting companies.


Responsible for preparing a detailed maintenance budget annually; provide necessary training for employees, scheduling repairs and preventive maintenance.  Mechanics, welders, and electricians were indirectly supervised. 

Responsible for providing specifications for repair of equipment and purchases of new.  Responsible for maintenance contractors and keeping necessary records and providing management with details of maintenance performance.


June 1972-Nov 1974

Maintenance Foreman, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, Toquepala, Peru



Responsible for supervising four (4) Peruvian Supervisors and indirectly supervising 40 Peruvian Nationals in maintenance procedures.  This included preventive maintenance scheduling, routine and non scheduled maintenance and rebuilding of major components.  Equipment included track dozers, graders, scrapers, diesel engines, and pumps for mine water supply,  mill and smelter support equipment and support equipment for mine and industrial railroad.



Heavy Duty Mechanic, Shift Foreman-Tractor Shop - Anaconda Minerals, Butte, Montana (8 years)



Responsible for actual hands on maintenance of haulage trucks, dozers, loaders, scrapers, graders, drills, shovels, and smaller support equipment.  This included parts changing, troubleshooting systems, overhaul and operational checking of all related components on the above equipment.


Provided all necessary hand tools and worked in both shop and field repairs.  The last two years with Anaconda included work in major component rebuild.  This included major overhaul of engines, diesel and gasoline, converters, transmissions, differentials and hydraulic components.  Dynamometer checking of engines and operational checking of other components.     



Montana State Certification as Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic

- Completed required hours in welding, shop math, machine shop, and mechanical drawing


Anaconda Minerals,

-  Apprenticeship program, four years (Completed)


U.S. Army, 3 years , Honorably discharged.

-  Completed 14 weeks of specialized training in wheel and track vehicle maintenance


Butte Central High School, Butte Montana




Montana Apprenticeship Council - Heavy Duty Mechanic                      

Commonwealth of Kentucky - Surface Mine Foreman



“Personal Leadership,” Southern Peru Copper Corporation

 “Working With People” Seminar,   MAPCO

MESA Surface Coal Mine,  Health and Safety Course

 “Taking Charge Supervision” Course

Detroit Diesel Series 149 and MTU 4000 Engine School

G.E. Motorized Wheel Maintenance School

Rexroth Industrial Hydraulics Course

MAPCO Supervisory Training Program

MAPCO Performance Appraisal Seminar

 “How to Comply With Hazardous Waste Laws”

 “High Impact Leadership Seminar,”  Staub Peterson