Francis A. Bartley



66611 E. 240 Road

Wyandotte, OK 74370

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Inventor on four patents. Skillful in electrical, mechanical, structural and hydraulic design. Able to supervise and motivate people for maximum output and good morale. Proficient with PC compatible computers, AutoCAD, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office Products.



To find engineering consultant projects that involve development of new products, improving or solving problems with existing products or helping users improve productivity or solve problems they are having with their equipment.




May 2010 -


AngloGold Ashanti

Feb 2010 Nov 2010





Wrote specification for 400 ton capacity mining truck. Worked with engineers and vendors to assure that the design and components met or exceeded the specifications. Provided assistance and guidance for truck manufacturing and assembly.


Did weld and manufacturing inspection for 190 and 240 ton truck dump bodies being built in the USA for shipment to Africa. Also worked with the manufacturer to upgrade their quality and welding procedures to conform to ASW D1.1

Terex, Inc.

April 2006 - July 2008

Develop drive system for 240 ton truck. Wrote specification for Alternator, Motors, Gears, Inverter and Controls and worked with vendors to assure that products met Terex requirements. The new system was expected to reduce the system cost $70,000 to $120,000 and also reduce weight while providing improved performance. We then worked with the motor, alternator, gear and drive controller manufacturers to develop the respective components. I had just completed a 400 ton system specification when they discontinued all development work in anticipation of being acquired by Bucyrus Erie.


Liebherr Mining

Equipment Co.

March 1986 Sept. 2005


Originally Wiseda, Ltd

Liebherr acquired

Wiseda in July of 1995


Engineering Manager, R. & D. Supervised the design of a 400 ton diesel electric rear dump truck and a new style 300 ton rear dump truck. Both projects met weight and schedule goals. Wrote the specifications for the drive systems and gears for both projects, and was responsible for all aspects of the truck, structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design.

Engineering Manager: Managed engineering department which was responsible for the drawings for the manufacture of 240 ton capacity rear dump diesel electric truck. Worked with the shop and redesigned the frame and axle box to reduce manufacturing time by 27%. Supervised the design of a 190 to 210 ton capacity truck model and an on board computerized load weighing system. Also redesigned the steering and brake hydraulic system for reduced cost, increased life and improved performance.


Reliance Electric Co.

Mar 1981 - Mar 1986


Chief Development Engineer. Supervised the Design and Manufacture of control systems for 130 ton and 170 ton diesel electric trucks. Used CMOS integrated circuits and discrete components to build the first solid state logic control for diesel electric trucks. The system controlled the propulsion system and regulated the excitation to efficiently use up to 1800 horsepower. The maximum system voltage was 2000 volts and amperage was 2500 amps.


Braden Steel

Aug 1977 - Mar 1981

Chief Engineer. Supervised the redesign of a 170 ton and the design of a 130 ton two axle bottom dump diesel electric coal hauler. Designed a dual hydraulic steering system and a full hydraulic brake system. Also invented and designed a wheel speed disc brake system for the diesel electric drive trucks.


Goodbary Engineering Co.

Jan 1974 - Aug 1977

Electrical Engineer. Did structural and mechanical design work on a 80 ton capacity self propelled jack and a 170 ton two axle coal hauler. Also did all the electrical control installation and control compartment drawings. Designed a cab that was recognized in the industry for being the most convenient, comfortable and quietest.


Unit Rig & Equipment Co.

Apr 1968 - Dec 1973

Project Manager. Did electrical installation drawings, schematics and control compartment drawings. Supervised 4 engineers and 7 draftsmen in the production of electrical installation drawings for the manufacture of three different model dump trucks, 85 to 200 ton capacity, a 120 ton capacity fork truck and two models of aircraft tow vehicles. The equipment used electrical drive systems from three different manufacturers. My group was recognized by the shop for being best for having drawings on time and giving best shop support. Made field trips for trouble shooting equipment problems and help with technical information on sales calls.


Eagle Picher

May 1965 - Apr 1968

Designed special purpose batteries for military and space projects. Designed fixtures for the manufacture of batteries, and test circuits to verify the battery performance capabilities. Designed one battery model which was required to withstand 50,000 G's of acceleration while being fired from a cannon then operate for a minimum of 30 minutes.



B.S.E.E. Okla. State University, plus various seminars and management courses.